Natura Seaqual Coral Sea Mattress

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Quantity: 8

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Thickness:  16 inches

Top Layer:  Biobased Cool Gel Memory Foam + Harmotex

Spring System:  7 Zone Individual Pocket Spring

Fabric:  Seaqual Fabric with Fresche treatment

Special Features:

  • Natura Biobased Memory Foam : Ease the pain, Pain-Relief Comfort Memory foam absorbs surface movement to reduce disturbances when a partner moves around in bed.
  • 7 Zone Individual Pocket Spring : Exclusively designed for correct support and uncompromising comfort, the softer upper back and pelvic areas provide pressure point relief and spinal alignment.
  • Anti Slip Textile Finishing : Specially developed to create an anti-slip effect on the back of the mattress and to overcome your mattress slipping off your bed base.
  • Sanitized Hygiene Function : Effectively prevents the development and growth of molds, bacteria and fungi leading to the elimination of spots and odors and avoiding dust mites.

        12 Years


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