Honey Arabica 36CM

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Coffee Charcoal is made from recycled coffee beans and works as a natural fiber for close contact with skin. Made for comfort, this feature is combined with quick dry features to provide for a superior performance fabric in all weather and temperatures.

Odor Control• The micriporous struture controls moisture and inhibits bacterial growth and thus make the fabric odor-free.

UV Protection• Coffee grounds come with numerous microscopic pores, which create a long-lasting natural, chemical free shield for yarn and reflecting UV rays.
Fast Drying• Coffee grounds continually moves moisture away from the skin to the outer surface of the fabric for faster drying process.
Negative Ion Coffee Charcoal Fabric releases anion and makes the user heathier.

Product Specification : 
1. Coffee Charcoal Knitted Cover

2. High Resilient Foam
3. Natural Latex
4. 7 Zone Independent Pocket Spring


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